Target shooting is the most accessible genuine reason to own a pistol in Queensland. A requirement of law is to take part in matches to show genuine interest in the sport. These matches at our club are open to all levels, with the ability of guidance through new matches to you. There is a range of casual matches to state title matches held at our club, you are welcome at any level that you wish to participate in.

We have a variety of different disciplines available to suit all interests.


These matches are precision pistol matches shot from a standing position one-handed. Air pistols are shot at 10m
All others are shot at 25m
Olympic style shooting.

Service and WA1500
These matches are shot from various positions with centrefire pistols, at different distances and times. Ranges from 3yds to 50yds.

This match is a dynamic style of shooting scenarios. This match rewards power, accuracy, and speed. Every match has a different problem, and you have to figure it out as fast as you can!

Single Action
This style of match is shot reminiscent of Western Style movies, with single-action pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Live the wild west life.

Please contact us for further information on disciplines.

2022 Club Calendar – Dates and times of matches and competitions

All approved matches are able to be shot any day as required subject to the availability of ranges/range officers, competitions specifically listed in the Calendar take precedence.

 Upcoming PSQ Sanctioned Events

 PSQ Sanctioned Events Results

May 2022 WA1500 & Service 2 Day Marathon

July 2022 ISSF and Blackpowder