Annual Fees (incl. $100 Pistol Shooting Queensland (PSQ) membership)

Renewal: $300
New membership: $330
Range Fee (for non-members):  $20 per person, per day.

Renewing members are reminded to ensure they fulfil their shoot participation requirements each year and to include evidence of this with their membership renewal documents.


Current membership of an approved pistol club is a requirement of a Concealable Firearms License holder.

Prospective members must first be deemed to be a “Fit and Proper” person by completing an “Application for Statement of Eligibility to Join an Approved Pistol Shooting Club” (QP 0515) and including this statement with their application, once received.

In order to apply for a Concealable Firearms License, a person must have first been a member of an approved pistol club for six months and participated in (and recorded) at least three shoots.  During this time a Weapons Safety Course will also need to be undertaken for the relevant firearm categories.

At first the Firearms Licensing process can seem overwhelming but club members are always on hand and happy to assist new shooters in any way they are able.

Unlicensed people can still participate in shooting activities under supervision of an appropriately licensed shooter  simply by completing the Form 33 or Form 33A.

More information is available by contacting the club and more licencing specific information can found at the QPS Weapons Licensing website.

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