About our club

The sport of target shooting is safe, fun and suitable for a broad range of ages (11+) and abilities.

We regularly hold shooting matches, these matches take usually between 1-3 hours, they are graded allowing all ranges of skill levels to have an enjoyable time.



Interested in the sport?

We are not a shooting gallery but a shooting club. Our main goal is to participate in and promote the sport of Pistol Shooting. If you are interested in the sport, we can have you come to the club and try it out.

We often can cater to beginners on Thursday afternoons from 3-6pm or Sunday mornings from 9am-12pm, depending on volunteer availability.

or call 07 4055 5403.

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WA1500 7yd 01

WA1500 Prone 02

Steps to becoming a member:

Come out to the club and check out the facilities and the sport.

No firearms licence:

Fill out a QP515 Statement of Eligibility to Join an Approved Pistol Shooting Club and lodge it at your local police station.

Have a firearms licence or statement of eligibility.

Apply to join the club. 

Introduce yourself at a monthly committee meeting. On approval you will be emailed an invoice. Your membership starts the day it is paid.

After 6 months you can apply for your concealable firearms licence.
Ask the secretary for a club declaration and supply proof of your 3 matches. You will need 3 matches in that time and to have completed the Category H Safety Course (which expires after 12 months)

Membership fees for FY21-22

inclusive of PSQ fees.
Adult: $312.60 + $30 joining fee
Juniors: $33
Fees are prorated.

Our club offers discounted Weapon Safety Courses to members.